What is GLA:D™   (Good Life with osteoArthritis Denmark)

  • GLA:D  is an 8-week education and exercise program delivered by certified physiotherapists for people with symptoms of hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA)
  • It was developed in Denmark with more than 10,000 participants
  • Results from Denmark at one year follow-up include
    • 27% reduction in pain intensity 
    • 37% and 45% reduction in joint related pain medication for knee and hip OA participants respectively 
    • Over 30% increase in self-reported physical activity
  • GLA:D  has been shown to improve a patient’s quality of life with long term positive outcomes. 

GLA:D™   Canada Program Includes:

  • Initial Assessment
  • 2 Educational Sessions (1.5 hours/session)
  • 12 Group Exercise Sessions, twice a week for 6 weeks (1 hour/session)
  • The program includes a data collection component to measure participant outcomes for quality monitoring. Data collection is consensual and strictly voluntarily. Participants can still be a part of the program without the data collection component.  Data is collected at the start, three months and one year after participation.

COVID-19 protocols are in place to ensure your safety and groups are limited to 4 participants.